Odor Eliminator

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator

  • Fresh Clean Scent
  • For Airborne Odors Only
  1. Item #9191 one ounce bottle, 48 per case
  2. Item #9999 two ounce bottle, 24 per case
  3. Item #9998 eight ounce bottle, 12 per case

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Our Rainfresh Odor Eliminator is a concentrated formula that chemically eliminates odors associated with bodily waste such as urine, feces, emesis, as well as necrotic tissue.

Rainfresh Odor Eliminator deodorizes the surrounding area as opposed to simply overpowering or masking odors. Our product is hospital grade and used by hospitals, care facilities, as well as home use.
Our product helps keep odors under control, thus making indoor spaces more pleasant for everyone within the space.